Monday, July 19, 2010


Thursday, 7/15/10
Logged in and met up with the friend who introduced me to the server.  He's making some Touhou-themed characters--hence, Reisen.

We headed to Sphinx together to go hunt some Anubis (Anubises?  Anubii?) for exp.

I don't really know what to think of the general populace of the server.  For some reason it doesn't seem quite as nice as LRO, but that could be my resilience to change.  This Priest was friendly enough, though.

At times we amassed quite an army of angry followers...

Saturday, 7/17/10

Met up again and we went to go do some boring quests for exp.  Along the way we ran into two people who were doing the same quest as we were--they were even the same classes as us, which was funny, haha.

And here we are running into them again ^^;

After that we were pretty close to transcending, so we decided to go back to Sphinx to get those last few levels.  Soon enough I was 99, and very sparkly.  Didn't take too long for him to get 99 as well.

And hooray, we're high novices!

Thank goodness for the Bless+Heal NPC.  That's the only reason I was able to kill anything as a high novice (having 1 str/agi/dex doesn't really work out that well).  Unfortunately I still died to this thief bug xD.

But of course, soon enough I got to High Aco.  Yay!~

And then it was off to Payon Dungeon and then Firelocks, for more healbombing fun.

And before you know it, I'm a cute HP again!  Whee~

My friend even found me a ribbon, so now I'm back to my old look again.  Hooray! <3~  I'm even using a girl's diary for my weapon ^^;

After that we went to leaf cats for a bit for some jlvls, but then stopped because my stomach was in dire need of food (for once)...

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Healbombed some firelocks and then leveled in anubis for a bit and now i'm 92/50.  whee.


Well, my friend tells me he started playing again, so I figured (with an eye roll) that I may as well hop on.  It's 150x rates too, so no harm there.

After a bunch of issues with the 1.7GB full client DL not working and's filefront downloads being corrupted, i managed to hack together a working intenseRO folder by ripping some files from LRO and combining it with the IRO files I had.  and then...

Success!  It was already fairly late in the night, but I really needed to kick back a little (rough night), so I wanted to at least get started.  I quickly created my character, with the same recognizable red hairstyle as always, and named her Reinforce san.  I couldn't think of anything else ^^;

And here I am in the newbie spawn area.  As always, it seems rather crowded and bustling.  There's a bunch of NPCs here; even one for healing + bless + agi.  convenient, though it kind of upsets me because it means my support role is somewhat diminished and I can't go off and do as many random acts of kindness.  Oh well.

First thing I did was to buy some items and go off to the Ice Dungeon to complete the quest which would get me to base level 81 (as mentioned in a guide on the forums).  As you can see here, I ran into some issues while I was fly wing'ing around.  The warper lets you get into any level of the dungeon though, so that's convenient.

Ah, finally I reach the guy in the ice.  Then it's just a few more short steps to finish the quest...

And hooray, I'm base level 81! a jlvl1 novice.  Haha, ridiculous.  Anyhow, went to Ant Hell to whack some things.

And hooray, I'm a cute aco!~

Here's a screenie of the main town.  I forget what it's called now; name starts with a B or something.  Then Pront is the official vending town, and there's also a Mall full of NPCs selling items, etc.

After whacking a few more ants I had my healbomb set up, so I went to Payon dungeon and gained some more easy jlvls, then I was off to Amatsu for more healbombing of firelocks.  Somewhere along the way I also tried to kill an Anubis in Sphinx but failed miserably xD.

Anyhoo, that got me to jlvl 50, and then now I'm a priest!  Ugh, ugly...

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Logged on today just because I missed my reinforce-san with her beautiful red hair.  Walked around in Gaia buffing a few people here and there.  Seemed strangely desolate, but who am I to know what's going on anyways.

Monday, June 14, 2010

*rustling leaves*

Monday, May 24, 2010


Friday, May 14, 2010

Clothing color fun

Soo...I ended up making a monk. I also ended up making random person a couple claymores for free, so I messed around with my bs for a while.

This custom palette makes me laugh every time I see it.

....I think I may leave it like that for the lols. XDD

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Lol, Abbey parties lately.

There is nothing quite like the feeling you get when you see a pally devo an LK.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Status repo

Haven't been on in a week or so, ever since the patch broke my copy of RO. Timmie fixed it recently, though, and...sadly, I've pretty much been on ever since.

*clears throat* Anyway. Character status report:

Tettsui - BS lvl93
Kannya - HW lvl94
Kyrim - Hunter lvl92ish
Astarael - SinX lvl89ish
Sephirael - LK lvl82ish

Spent entirely too many hours today getting my BS and Hunter (and LK) to where they are. I want to trance them, but all of the Abbey parties lately....well.........let's just say it's not pretty.

In other news, while I was on my hunter today I accepted a guild invite to a tiny little guild called Harmony. Turns out one of the players in it (sniper lvl99) has a high priest (also lvl99) who's in the guild that my LK just joined. Not sure if I screenshotted the lols or not.

"Hey, [their HP's name], do you know a character named Sephirael, by any chance?"
"That's my LK. I'm Rae. XD"

And yes, I'm in two guilds. Was in three, actually, but the third one never did anything. I also haven't been on my HW lately, so I think they booted it for 'inactivity.' Which is fine, since my HW turns out to be pretty hard to use. Magic tends to lag things, which means my wiz lags himself, and everyone knows that squishy, low-HP chars + lag = bad times.

On that note, I'm contemplating making a creator for pots, and a monk for tankness and Asura. As you can see, though, I've got plenty to do as it is.

"And miles to go before I sleep."

...But it's 4 AM, and I've a pset due that I haven't started yet. The miles can wait for a bit.


ug RL.

leveled to 91 killing anubis though.  hooray.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Spinning dance~~~^^

--Monday, 5/10/10--

Decided to log on to see if anyone else was online.  Half-expected Natalie to be on since I had just fixed her install, but turned out Vina was on instead.  I fed Ryo Ohki and her intimacy became Loyal!~  So she talks to me now =D

Vina said she was farming sharp leaves but it was really slow with her priest, so I switched over to miyuki and quickly racked up 75 of them ^^;

After that we spent some time hunting Anubis so I could catch up in exp (she was lvl 91, I was at 81).  After a while I was all the way at 89, though we both had to call it a night since we have class tomorrow morning T_T

Friday, May 7, 2010

*twiddles thumbs*

Yeahh, I haven't been playing recently.  I've been consistently logging in though.  Usually I just hop on, see that either Michelle is on, or nobody is on, then pop back out.  I've been busy D=.  Unfathomable, I know...I guess I've been working on other things, like Yume Nikki, Tetris (of course), Touhou EoSD, and coding another game, among other things.  Oh, and work too.  *shifty eyes*

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Allow me to introduce myself...

I suppose I have this blog to blame for re-addicting me to the world of Ragnarok Online.

I had played RO for a very brief period of time back in 2003 when the game was still young and the main servers were still free. Due to various reasons, I wound up quitting the game after less than half a year. A few years later in 2005, I picked up World of Warcraft, which was also a fairly young game at the time, and was immersed in that for about a year or so.

Unfortunately, my undead mage was only
slightly less ugly without her gnome mask on.

Timm[ie] and I went to high school together, but didn't actually know each other that well. In fact, I don't think we'd ever even spoke directly to each other before. However, we got to know each other online after graduating high school which lead me to stumble upon this RO blog. Seeing all of the screenshots of familiar locations really brought back some fond memories. So, I took a chance by downloading RO onto my laptop (completely aware that it would probably kill the old thing btw) and have been enjoying myself ever since!

So, that's my story in a nutshell. Thank you, CS181 kids for inviting me to post on your blog even though I'm not a computer-related major (or a super cool Stanford student for that matter)! I'll see you in game!

- Elvina (or Vina, whichever you prefer)

Yes, I totally took a glamour shot of Illyria.

Monday, April 26, 2010

--Sunday, 4/25/10--

Me and Vina were chatting for a bit when Natalie logged on!  So I had them meet each other, finally...

(random picture of someone with a Knight of Abyss in gaia)

We farmed sharp leaves in Moscovia Dun for a while, me using Miyuki-san.  Turned in a few sets but it wasn't enough to get Reinforce-san and Vina to lvl 79...

So we decided to try our luck killing Anubis in Sphinx, me using TU.  We ran into a couple of Spring flowers on the way...

And also a Pharaoh, which killed us really quickly--luckily we were able to res each other.

Mmm, 65k damage TU...

Also, Ryo-ohki is now "Cordial" towards me! =D

Saturday, April 24, 2010

High priest!~

--Tuesday, 4/20/10--

Natalie was on when I logged in, and she was trying to teleport around in Abbey to join in with a party that had already started going through.  Eventually she found them...I tried to do the same with Fate-sama, but it didn't work out.  Eventually a new one formed in Morroc though, so I joined in.  lol at the "Invyte plseas" in this pic.

Being a mage in the party was rather...well, a lot more boring.  You just cast SG and MS...and that's about it.  Actually I found myself using soul strike and jupitel thunder instead--we didn't have a bragi bard so my cast time was horridly slow and most of my SGs/MSs were useless anyhow.

Eventually Natalie finally hit 99 and rebirthed.  look at us as cute little high novices!  And in the meantime, taro logged in...and yes, this was at about 4:30AM.

After some difficulties with obtaining equipment (you can't use storage, OR trade), we set off into the labyrinth forest to whack some things...

Of course, with only 1 dex/str/agi, it was even harder than when I was a regular novice.  And I got killed by a hunter fly somewhere along the way xD.

Eventually we both managed to get to jlvl10, and became high aco/high mage.  Finally I got to look cute again! ^^

We were still really puny though, so I used my monk to tank some enemies while Natalie bolted em.  And yes I had a little bit of fun by using Asura Strike on one of them =P

Eventually we switched and Natalie used her sin to tank for me.  Taro joined us at this point as well.  And...well, I leveled some, though it took a while xP.  Good thing I had a mace/club handy.  I tried setting my hair color back to white at this point as well, as you can see.

Now that we could actually kill things (well, sorta), we headed to payon dungeon, where I proceeded to healbomb the heck out of everything =D.  And yes, that is me casting fire bolt in the picture =P (it was a scroll)

I tried going for the true Reinforce colors (as seen here), but it didn't really fit with my persona well at all.  Though I guess it -does- look sort of cool, in an interesting way.

So instead I went back to a red color scheme and was much happier.  At this point we headed to Moscovia dungeon to farm sharp leaves for awhile...we both wanted to get to 2nd class, which meant jlvl 50...I was planning on using the sharp leaf quest to get there, but you need to be at least base level 60 in order to do the quest.  So in that case, I looked through the other quests that didn't require quite as high a level, and saw that there was one that required 50 Huge Leaf, which you get from the dryads that I had been killing earlier with Miyuki-san in the same map as the sharp leaf NPC.

Of course I only had 49 of them T_T.  So I logged in as Miyuki and grabbed one more, and turned them in, and...I got to base level 59.  *facepalm*  At this point it was about 6 AM, so I decided to call it quits...

--Wednesday, 4/21/10--

Okay, so I got to base level 60 through Payon Dungeon and did the sharp leaf quest, but I still needed more jexp before jlvl 50.  I was thinking about doing the sharp leaf quest again, but thought better of it (probably a waste of jexp).  So I partied with Taro (who has orcface in this pic) and went to the Ice Dungeon in hopes that I'd be able to leech a decent amount of exp.  Sadly, it didn't work out that well with the exp sharing--I went back to payon and the exp was better.

And finally, I was a high priest again! =D

At this point I decided to go through and see if I liked any of the other color schemes:

Here's one that's all red...but that was TOO red.

I thought I might like this one because it makes the ribbon on my back match the one in my hair, but it also made some other aspects of the outfit a little darker, and I preferred the slightly paler look.

I experimented with some other colors as well, but really I didn't like any of them quite -that- much, though some of them did look neat.

And of course, here's the two wtf ones that look like you're wearing lava.

So in the end I did just end up sticking with the default color scheme, which is the same as what I used for my HP back in osro.  hey, if it ain't broke, don't fix it! ^^;

--Thursday, 4/22/10--

Vina has bunny ears!

And orcface xD.  Btw I love how this version of the sprite just has the head totally offset so it looks even more bizarre.

--Friday, 4/23/10--

Now she's got a bow!

Then this guy started hitting on me.  Though he was terribly, terribly boring.  He didn't even say anything--he just used the heart emote a bunch.  He did "pet" ryo-ohki though, so he wasn't ALL bad. 9_9

Logged on later to find that Vina had rebirthed and was a high aco now!  Hooray!~

I brought out Alisa-chan (my new dancer character, who is replacing Subaru-san since I don't feel like making a taekwon), and went to payon dungeon to party with her.

We found no less than TWO spring flowers in there, and whacked on them, along with some random dude who was there.  I switched to my monk for this; it would have gone way too slowly with just Alisa-chan hitting it.

Michelle was on too...She had been collecting magic paint for the easter quest, so I handed her the 4 that I had, and introduced Vina to her ^^;

Taro and Michelle's bf were on as well, so we all met up at Glast Heim to party together.

It was mostly us tanking while Vina healbombed stuff, since she needed to catch up in levels.  I also got some experience, and got Turn Undead level 10, which worked nicely (well, except for the times when it failed xD).

After Vina caught up we went for Stings in search of gloves.  We...didn't manage to find any, though we did get Silk ribbons.  Look at ryo-ohki with her cute ribbon!  Though...unfortunately the location of the ribbon is a bit off...oh well, it matches with me now ^^;

I would have stayed and partied longer but at this point I needed to sleep; I wasn't well-stocked on rest and had to wake early the next morning...