Tuesday, March 2, 2010

ME ftw

Ok, so Magnus Exorcismus is basically AoE rape for all demon/undead monsters.  I was having a bit of trouble since my dex wasn't nearly high enough for instant cast, but I managed by spamming Kyrie Elison (the barrier spell).  Now i've got instant cast and I'm lvl 184 (jlvl 100) and just teleporting around abbey03 nuking necromancers.  yay...

High Priest

High Priest!  You know, I'm actually really happy with this look; I think it's much better than the regular Priest outfit.  I'm contemplating going to the Stylist NPC later to experiment with some different clothing palletes, but to be honest, this looks really nice already ^^;

We're scheduled for a play session around 11:00 ish.  don't know how much time I'll have to play between now and then, but I'll try and catch up a little.