Monday, July 19, 2010


Thursday, 7/15/10
Logged in and met up with the friend who introduced me to the server.  He's making some Touhou-themed characters--hence, Reisen.

We headed to Sphinx together to go hunt some Anubis (Anubises?  Anubii?) for exp.

I don't really know what to think of the general populace of the server.  For some reason it doesn't seem quite as nice as LRO, but that could be my resilience to change.  This Priest was friendly enough, though.

At times we amassed quite an army of angry followers...

Saturday, 7/17/10

Met up again and we went to go do some boring quests for exp.  Along the way we ran into two people who were doing the same quest as we were--they were even the same classes as us, which was funny, haha.

And here we are running into them again ^^;

After that we were pretty close to transcending, so we decided to go back to Sphinx to get those last few levels.  Soon enough I was 99, and very sparkly.  Didn't take too long for him to get 99 as well.

And hooray, we're high novices!

Thank goodness for the Bless+Heal NPC.  That's the only reason I was able to kill anything as a high novice (having 1 str/agi/dex doesn't really work out that well).  Unfortunately I still died to this thief bug xD.

But of course, soon enough I got to High Aco.  Yay!~

And then it was off to Payon Dungeon and then Firelocks, for more healbombing fun.

And before you know it, I'm a cute HP again!  Whee~

My friend even found me a ribbon, so now I'm back to my old look again.  Hooray! <3~  I'm even using a girl's diary for my weapon ^^;

After that we went to leaf cats for a bit for some jlvls, but then stopped because my stomach was in dire need of food (for once)...

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Healbombed some firelocks and then leveled in anubis for a bit and now i'm 92/50.  whee.


Well, my friend tells me he started playing again, so I figured (with an eye roll) that I may as well hop on.  It's 150x rates too, so no harm there.

After a bunch of issues with the 1.7GB full client DL not working and's filefront downloads being corrupted, i managed to hack together a working intenseRO folder by ripping some files from LRO and combining it with the IRO files I had.  and then...

Success!  It was already fairly late in the night, but I really needed to kick back a little (rough night), so I wanted to at least get started.  I quickly created my character, with the same recognizable red hairstyle as always, and named her Reinforce san.  I couldn't think of anything else ^^;

And here I am in the newbie spawn area.  As always, it seems rather crowded and bustling.  There's a bunch of NPCs here; even one for healing + bless + agi.  convenient, though it kind of upsets me because it means my support role is somewhat diminished and I can't go off and do as many random acts of kindness.  Oh well.

First thing I did was to buy some items and go off to the Ice Dungeon to complete the quest which would get me to base level 81 (as mentioned in a guide on the forums).  As you can see here, I ran into some issues while I was fly wing'ing around.  The warper lets you get into any level of the dungeon though, so that's convenient.

Ah, finally I reach the guy in the ice.  Then it's just a few more short steps to finish the quest...

And hooray, I'm base level 81! a jlvl1 novice.  Haha, ridiculous.  Anyhow, went to Ant Hell to whack some things.

And hooray, I'm a cute aco!~

Here's a screenie of the main town.  I forget what it's called now; name starts with a B or something.  Then Pront is the official vending town, and there's also a Mall full of NPCs selling items, etc.

After whacking a few more ants I had my healbomb set up, so I went to Payon dungeon and gained some more easy jlvls, then I was off to Amatsu for more healbombing of firelocks.  Somewhere along the way I also tried to kill an Anubis in Sphinx but failed miserably xD.

Anyhoo, that got me to jlvl 50, and then now I'm a priest!  Ugh, ugly...

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Logged on today just because I missed my reinforce-san with her beautiful red hair.  Walked around in Gaia buffing a few people here and there.  Seemed strangely desolate, but who am I to know what's going on anyways.