Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Well, my friend tells me he started playing again, so I figured (with an eye roll) that I may as well hop on.  It's 150x rates too, so no harm there.

After a bunch of issues with the 1.7GB full client DL not working and ratemyserver.net's filefront downloads being corrupted, i managed to hack together a working intenseRO folder by ripping some files from LRO and combining it with the IRO files I had.  and then...

Success!  It was already fairly late in the night, but I really needed to kick back a little (rough night), so I wanted to at least get started.  I quickly created my character, with the same recognizable red hairstyle as always, and named her Reinforce san.  I couldn't think of anything else ^^;

And here I am in the newbie spawn area.  As always, it seems rather crowded and bustling.  There's a bunch of NPCs here; even one for healing + bless + agi.  convenient, though it kind of upsets me because it means my support role is somewhat diminished and I can't go off and do as many random acts of kindness.  Oh well.

First thing I did was to buy some items and go off to the Ice Dungeon to complete the quest which would get me to base level 81 (as mentioned in a guide on the forums).  As you can see here, I ran into some issues while I was fly wing'ing around.  The warper lets you get into any level of the dungeon though, so that's convenient.

Ah, finally I reach the guy in the ice.  Then it's just a few more short steps to finish the quest...

And hooray, I'm base level 81!  ...as a jlvl1 novice.  Haha, ridiculous.  Anyhow, went to Ant Hell to whack some things.

And hooray, I'm a cute aco!~

Here's a screenie of the main town.  I forget what it's called now; name starts with a B or something.  Then Pront is the official vending town, and there's also a Mall full of NPCs selling items, etc.

After whacking a few more ants I had my healbomb set up, so I went to Payon dungeon and gained some more easy jlvls, then I was off to Amatsu for more healbombing of firelocks.  Somewhere along the way I also tried to kill an Anubis in Sphinx but failed miserably xD.

Anyhoo, that got me to jlvl 50, and then now I'm a priest!  Ugh, ugly...

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