Monday, March 1, 2010

Why I'm a support priest

In the past I've been one for dps characters (mage, archer), but I'm building a support priest now because A) it fits my persona very well and B) we actually have a group, so I actually have people to support.

My enneagram type is a number 2, and this page describes me almost frighteningly well.  So really it all fits quite well.  And I have a female avatar, of -course-, because it helps me feel closer to my cutesy girly "ideal" that is impossible for me to attain in real life.


With that out of the way, a slight progress update:
We got Colleen (ign FireJade) successfully patched up and started, so Michelle and Kotaro helped her figure out the basics of where to go; how to level/change jobs/etc.  Meanwhile I followed along casting a crapton of different buffs on her and healing her for 2100 HP (her base at the time was probably something like 100).  Kotaro + Natalie were still having troubles with their installs last I checked, but me and Colleen have both transcended now.  I'm currently a high acolyte, so I get to look pretty again for now, until I get to high priest...>_>

Back In the Game

Finally got the game working, and partied with 'Chelle to whack little sprites into submission.

Wow, everything is so nostalgic. Except...not. In a weird way. When I played a few years ago, the server I was on had chosen to go pretty hardcore: warping required the actual item, exp and drop rates were 1x or something extremely low, etc. So it seems really, really strange to be blazing through dungeons that I once spent hours in.

One thing's completely new, though: PKing. I tend to play non-PK servers, since I'm too lazy/not hardcore enough to grind forever for a good PvP build...but at heart I'm a PKKer.

Too bad we couldn't find the 'sader that backstabbed 'Chelle and me. Little bugger waited until we were surrounded by monsters, then darted in, killed us both, and left. I got a few spells off, despite being ridiculously underleveled, but didn't do much damage. Also didn't manage to catch the guy's name, more's the pity.

Can't wait to make use of the 8000x rate to try my hand at PKKing. *cracks knuckles*

...But at the same time I really need to not get sucked into this game again. Self, repeat: it's 2 AM go to sleep it's 2 AM go to sleep it's 2 AM go to sleep.

Edit: Was up 'till 5 or 6; my character is now a level 207ish High Wizard. Sigh. Lrn2selfcontrol.