Monday, March 1, 2010

Why I'm a support priest

In the past I've been one for dps characters (mage, archer), but I'm building a support priest now because A) it fits my persona very well and B) we actually have a group, so I actually have people to support.

My enneagram type is a number 2, and this page describes me almost frighteningly well.  So really it all fits quite well.  And I have a female avatar, of -course-, because it helps me feel closer to my cutesy girly "ideal" that is impossible for me to attain in real life.


With that out of the way, a slight progress update:
We got Colleen (ign FireJade) successfully patched up and started, so Michelle and Kotaro helped her figure out the basics of where to go; how to level/change jobs/etc.  Meanwhile I followed along casting a crapton of different buffs on her and healing her for 2100 HP (her base at the time was probably something like 100).  Kotaro + Natalie were still having troubles with their installs last I checked, but me and Colleen have both transcended now.  I'm currently a high acolyte, so I get to look pretty again for now, until I get to high priest...>_>

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