Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Status repo

Haven't been on in a week or so, ever since the patch broke my copy of RO. Timmie fixed it recently, though, and...sadly, I've pretty much been on ever since.

*clears throat* Anyway. Character status report:

Tettsui - BS lvl93
Kannya - HW lvl94
Kyrim - Hunter lvl92ish
Astarael - SinX lvl89ish
Sephirael - LK lvl82ish

Spent entirely too many hours today getting my BS and Hunter (and LK) to where they are. I want to trance them, but all of the Abbey parties lately....well.........let's just say it's not pretty.

In other news, while I was on my hunter today I accepted a guild invite to a tiny little guild called Harmony. Turns out one of the players in it (sniper lvl99) has a high priest (also lvl99) who's in the guild that my LK just joined. Not sure if I screenshotted the lols or not.

"Hey, [their HP's name], do you know a character named Sephirael, by any chance?"
"That's my LK. I'm Rae. XD"

And yes, I'm in two guilds. Was in three, actually, but the third one never did anything. I also haven't been on my HW lately, so I think they booted it for 'inactivity.' Which is fine, since my HW turns out to be pretty hard to use. Magic tends to lag things, which means my wiz lags himself, and everyone knows that squishy, low-HP chars + lag = bad times.

On that note, I'm contemplating making a creator for pots, and a monk for tankness and Asura. As you can see, though, I've got plenty to do as it is.

"And miles to go before I sleep."

...But it's 4 AM, and I've a pset due that I haven't started yet. The miles can wait for a bit.

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