Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Spinning dance~~~^^

--Monday, 5/10/10--

Decided to log on to see if anyone else was online.  Half-expected Natalie to be on since I had just fixed her install, but turned out Vina was on instead.  I fed Ryo Ohki and her intimacy became Loyal!~  So she talks to me now =D

Vina said she was farming sharp leaves but it was really slow with her priest, so I switched over to miyuki and quickly racked up 75 of them ^^;

After that we spent some time hunting Anubis so I could catch up in exp (she was lvl 91, I was at 81).  After a while I was all the way at 89, though we both had to call it a night since we have class tomorrow morning T_T

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