Saturday, April 24, 2010

High priest!~

--Tuesday, 4/20/10--

Natalie was on when I logged in, and she was trying to teleport around in Abbey to join in with a party that had already started going through.  Eventually she found them...I tried to do the same with Fate-sama, but it didn't work out.  Eventually a new one formed in Morroc though, so I joined in.  lol at the "Invyte plseas" in this pic.

Being a mage in the party was rather...well, a lot more boring.  You just cast SG and MS...and that's about it.  Actually I found myself using soul strike and jupitel thunder instead--we didn't have a bragi bard so my cast time was horridly slow and most of my SGs/MSs were useless anyhow.

Eventually Natalie finally hit 99 and rebirthed.  look at us as cute little high novices!  And in the meantime, taro logged in...and yes, this was at about 4:30AM.

After some difficulties with obtaining equipment (you can't use storage, OR trade), we set off into the labyrinth forest to whack some things...

Of course, with only 1 dex/str/agi, it was even harder than when I was a regular novice.  And I got killed by a hunter fly somewhere along the way xD.

Eventually we both managed to get to jlvl10, and became high aco/high mage.  Finally I got to look cute again! ^^

We were still really puny though, so I used my monk to tank some enemies while Natalie bolted em.  And yes I had a little bit of fun by using Asura Strike on one of them =P

Eventually we switched and Natalie used her sin to tank for me.  Taro joined us at this point as well.  And...well, I leveled some, though it took a while xP.  Good thing I had a mace/club handy.  I tried setting my hair color back to white at this point as well, as you can see.

Now that we could actually kill things (well, sorta), we headed to payon dungeon, where I proceeded to healbomb the heck out of everything =D.  And yes, that is me casting fire bolt in the picture =P (it was a scroll)

I tried going for the true Reinforce colors (as seen here), but it didn't really fit with my persona well at all.  Though I guess it -does- look sort of cool, in an interesting way.

So instead I went back to a red color scheme and was much happier.  At this point we headed to Moscovia dungeon to farm sharp leaves for awhile...we both wanted to get to 2nd class, which meant jlvl 50...I was planning on using the sharp leaf quest to get there, but you need to be at least base level 60 in order to do the quest.  So in that case, I looked through the other quests that didn't require quite as high a level, and saw that there was one that required 50 Huge Leaf, which you get from the dryads that I had been killing earlier with Miyuki-san in the same map as the sharp leaf NPC.

Of course I only had 49 of them T_T.  So I logged in as Miyuki and grabbed one more, and turned them in, and...I got to base level 59.  *facepalm*  At this point it was about 6 AM, so I decided to call it quits...

--Wednesday, 4/21/10--

Okay, so I got to base level 60 through Payon Dungeon and did the sharp leaf quest, but I still needed more jexp before jlvl 50.  I was thinking about doing the sharp leaf quest again, but thought better of it (probably a waste of jexp).  So I partied with Taro (who has orcface in this pic) and went to the Ice Dungeon in hopes that I'd be able to leech a decent amount of exp.  Sadly, it didn't work out that well with the exp sharing--I went back to payon and the exp was better.

And finally, I was a high priest again! =D

At this point I decided to go through and see if I liked any of the other color schemes:

Here's one that's all red...but that was TOO red.

I thought I might like this one because it makes the ribbon on my back match the one in my hair, but it also made some other aspects of the outfit a little darker, and I preferred the slightly paler look.

I experimented with some other colors as well, but really I didn't like any of them quite -that- much, though some of them did look neat.

And of course, here's the two wtf ones that look like you're wearing lava.

So in the end I did just end up sticking with the default color scheme, which is the same as what I used for my HP back in osro.  hey, if it ain't broke, don't fix it! ^^;

--Thursday, 4/22/10--

Vina has bunny ears!

And orcface xD.  Btw I love how this version of the sprite just has the head totally offset so it looks even more bizarre.

--Friday, 4/23/10--

Now she's got a bow!

Then this guy started hitting on me.  Though he was terribly, terribly boring.  He didn't even say anything--he just used the heart emote a bunch.  He did "pet" ryo-ohki though, so he wasn't ALL bad. 9_9

Logged on later to find that Vina had rebirthed and was a high aco now!  Hooray!~

I brought out Alisa-chan (my new dancer character, who is replacing Subaru-san since I don't feel like making a taekwon), and went to payon dungeon to party with her.

We found no less than TWO spring flowers in there, and whacked on them, along with some random dude who was there.  I switched to my monk for this; it would have gone way too slowly with just Alisa-chan hitting it.

Michelle was on too...She had been collecting magic paint for the easter quest, so I handed her the 4 that I had, and introduced Vina to her ^^;

Taro and Michelle's bf were on as well, so we all met up at Glast Heim to party together.

It was mostly us tanking while Vina healbombed stuff, since she needed to catch up in levels.  I also got some experience, and got Turn Undead level 10, which worked nicely (well, except for the times when it failed xD).

After Vina caught up we went for Stings in search of gloves.  We...didn't manage to find any, though we did get Silk ribbons.  Look at ryo-ohki with her cute ribbon!  Though...unfortunately the location of the ribbon is a bit off...oh well, it matches with me now ^^;

I would have stayed and partied longer but at this point I needed to sleep; I wasn't well-stocked on rest and had to wake early the next morning...


  1. Yeeah. I'll be on on Sunday (today, I guess, barely) but only if I manage to get something useful done.

    Actually, could someone give me a time to shoot for? As in, a time to have stuff done by when I'll be sure someone's on.

  2. hmmm dunno. i just got back from a night where I did nothing productive at all. And I still have 5 lectures to watch. urk.

    So, unsure as of now.

    I'm also at home atm, so I'm not sure when I'll be back at stanford. I do have a friend's recital at 8:00 that I want to attend tho...