Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Happy birthday to me.

--Monday, 4/19/10--

Logged on and saw that Vina was on, so we met up and said hi;  after chatting for a bit, we headed to Morroc for an Abbey party...

This one was significantly smaller than the other ones, but more competent--I definitely had less work to do and people weren't dying left and right.

Of course, that didn't stop us from getting mobbed at the warp by Beezlebub.  D'oh!

And again at the warp here.  Blargh!

Oh well, it was still okay.  And I almost made it to lvl 98 too!

--Tuesday, 4/20/10--

Logged on; Michelle was on but iirc she was mining and doing homework and whatnot.  I didn't see any parties forming in Morroc, but saw that there were like 34 people in Abbey so I thought I might just poke around and see if I could join up with a party.

Eventually after enough warping around I managed to find a group (I helped them after they got wiped (?) at a warp).  This one was medium-sized but still pretty-well organized; the tanks were up in front like they were supposed to be and things worked pretty well.  Everyone was somehow running into SP problems though; I had to chug a lot of grape juice, even with Magnificat.

We almost got wiped here, but I managed to teleport away in time.  And, as you can see here, I got off an AWESOME Redemptio that managed to save the entire party.  I died after, but man, this was the crowning achievement of my priest career.

Not too long after, I reached 99 and said goodbye (they thanked me for the healing =D).

Michelle was still the only one on, so I asked here to celebrate my rebirth with me at Gaia.  How suitable that my rebirth ingame happens to fall on my RL birthday...^^;

And here's me as a high novice!

Michelle even gave me a present =D  Thanks Michelle!~<3

I decided that was enough for now, but I'm really looking forward to getting to high aco, and later high priest. I'm gonna look cutee againnn!~ ^^

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  1. Still need to meet your friend. 'Round what times is she on? (I foresee a "Not 5 AM our time." XD)

    Happy birthday. :P

    Turns out I rebirthed on my birthday too, ahahaha.

    Whoa, /nice/ Redemptio.

    In response to an edit you made to an older post: I just noticed this "Subscribe by email" link near the "preview" button and "sign out" link as I type this comment. Clicked it; it says "Follow-up comments will be sent to [my e-mail address]".