Sunday, April 18, 2010

Abbey Party (again), new skin

--Saturday, 4/18/10--

Got an IM from Michelle late last night after getting a decent amount of my CS164 pset done (phew) and she said there was an Abbey party forming in Morroc.  I hopped in and found her char so I could friend her, and waited to be invited to the party...

Here's us just chilling at the entrance while we're waiting for everyone else to get here.

It was my first time being part of one of these really big crowd-type parties.  Of course, things are necessarily disorganized when you have a swarm like this, so the most you can really do as a priest is heal people who are dying, rez people who are dead, and buff whenever someone complains.

Eventually I caught on and started using the Party menu in order to quickly see who needed to be healed or rezzed, and did so.  Made things a lot easier, though I wish you could extend the window to show the entire party instead of just 8 people at a time.  I was scrolling up and down through the list a LOT.

We had two or three wipes.  Pretty inevitable, given the type of party we were in.  Though, I have to admit I was at least partly (mostly?) to blame for one of them.  I accidentally hit Q (my teleport key) and so I was away from the group for a bit while I frantically teleported around until I got to a (relatively) safe place.  When I ran back to the group, not only were they in worse shape because I wasn't around to save their asses, but I brought a bunch of other aggro'd monsters with me.  Oops.

Ryo-Ohki nibbling on a carrot.

We found a spring flower in the middle of the dungeon, hahaha.  We ended up leaving it behind, though.

Some guy randomly got up above the wall xD

Of course, being the multitasker I am, I had no trouble checking up on Ryo-Ohki and making sure she didn't get hungry, in the midst of all the healing and whatnot. ^^;

Overall it wasn't bad at all--I hit level 97, which is great, and I have to say, I'm =really= liking the priest role in the party.  I don't know if I'd feel nearly as satisfied with any other role.  But as a priest, I feel important--after all, you're the only one who -everyone in the entire party- directly interacts with.  The other dps guys are just kind of there throwing damage in the mix, but nothing they do actually affects you (well, except when they're stupid and try to tank things that they can't).

Eventually it got pretty late (like 5:00AM or so) and we had a wipe so I called it quits.  Michelle stayed on, probably.  Not sure how the party did after that--a part of me hopes they had more trouble because I was important. =P

--Sunday, 4/18/10--

Remembering that I saw some alternative skins in some screenshots included in guides and whatnot, I browsed around for some cute skins today.  There was a Hello Kitty one, but it was strikingly blue and...well, blue.  So I opted for this pink angeling one instead.  Hooray!~


  1. I actually logged off right after you did. It was way~ late by then. I'm already looking forward to next weekend when I reborn (already hit 99).

    I wonder if everyone else is getting up in levels too...

  2. Whoa. Do we has a Chelle? :ooo

    Oh god, and she's lvl99 already. How'd you do it? XD;;