Saturday, April 17, 2010

No pics because I'm laaazy

After Timmie's post about pets, I thought I might try to get some of my own...but after looking at the list, the only two that appealed to me were Bongun...and Baphomet Jr. I thought I'd start small and go for Bongun first, but my sin got partied by some cool people, so I ended up leveling (to 81!) with them instead.

We started out in the Clocktower (too hard), tried the coal mines (too easy), and eventually gathered a group and ended up in Amatsu level 3. Or at least, I think it's 3. Shinobis and Papers and Tengus and everything aggros; it's a very scary place. We had two sins, two priests (one tranced), and a taekwon, and we kept dying. The problem was, the taekwon kept pulling stuff...though even after he left we had plenty of trouble. So much aggro. @_@

On the bright side, I ended up getting a Shinobi Sash (the tranced guy got it as a drop and gave it to me), and another of my party members gave me a matching Ninja Suit later. Nice people. :o

Anyway, we left there and headed to Rachel Sanctuary, the place Timmie and I had leveled in before. Turns out, the place is really good for the assassin skill Grimtooth - the monsters are slow and (most) can't detect you when you hide, so you can gather up a bunch of them, hide, and Grimtooth them to death. Easy exp...the clicking gets tiring though.

After a bit of that we tried Sphinx 4, because our tranced priest said we could try Anubi...He had Turn Undead, which had a chance of instantly killing them, which is much easier than wearing down their high HP. Turns out two sins with Grimtooth can fare pretty well in there, though - our priests were on the other side of the map for a while and we did fine.

At that point we'd all hit about 80, so we decided to call it a night.

...Wow, that was a long aside. The point of this post was actually to ask for help: Taro, Timmie, if either of you have a chance, or are on when I am, would you mind helping me gather the stuff for Bongun/Baphomet Jr pets? I've got nothing so far, as the long sidetrack-story kind of implies. (I did kill a few Marduks while headed toward the Anubi, but none of them dropped a book.)


  1. sure thing! =D not sure about tonight; i'm heading to SF for the day. Maybe after I get back...

  2. Awesome, thanks. ;P

    I've got stuff due on Monday that I really need to get done, and I'm not sure how long it'll take me...but I'll probably end up playing at least a little. I'll send around an e-mail if I find something so we can keep coordinated.

  3. 5% on Marduks.... sphinx 3... I think bapho jr is easier to get than bongun, b/c bongun taming item only comes from OBBs.
    nvm, here it is:
    either way, at this rate, it'll be easier for me to got for bapho jrs. My hom is scaring me anyway. I'll try farming them some time.