Thursday, April 15, 2010

Say hello to Ryo-Ohki!~

--Wednesday, 4/14/10--

I check routinely throughout the day to see whether anyone's on.  Hadn't seen anyone, but I ran into Kotaro at late-night, and shortly thereafter saw him logged on.  I finished up the anime that I was watching (and the quesadilla I was eating, yum) and met up with him.

He wanted me to help him kill this bear in this certain dungeon (can't remember which), so I followed him and buff/healed him.  His homunculus died about 5 times during the process, haha.

After that we decided we'd head to comodo beach to try and kill seals to level Reinforce-san.  First I had to get there and memo it so I could cast the warp portal, so Taro gave me directions while I teleported around and walked to the beach.

The seals were alright...except when we got mobbed.  Still, it was probably easier than clock tower or thanatos tower, with the nasty ridewords and other assorted meanies.

After that Taro sold the drops and split the money with me.  I jokingly brought up pets and said that the only pet that I would want would be like...Angeling =P (you can't get an angeling as a pet).

Thinking about it some more, though, and looking over the list of possible pets, I decided that I would either want a Poring or a Lunatic.  I decided lunatic would fit my character better, and went off to whack a bunch of them in prontera field to get rainbow carrots.  Unfortunately, my first few attempts at catching one failed...I did manage to get a lunatic card drop while I was hunting for rainbow carrots, though =D

--Thursday, 4/15/10--

I woke up at 12:30 or so and logged on to see if anyone happened to be on...and said hi to Vina!  I had actually been planning on maybe just heading back to bed for a couple of hours (I didn't have class until 4:15), but this motivated me to actually wake myself (probably healthier not to sleep in too late anyways xD).  Though, I had to stop by the dining hall and grab some food first.
Anyhow, Illyria looked toatlly different from when I last saw her; not only was she a priest now, but Vina had discovered the stylist, so her outfit and hair were different colors!

We decided that since we were still in valid lvl range for the sharp leaf quest, we'd go and hunt some Les at Moscovia dungeon again.  I took Signum (my knight) and we set out...but we didn't really find that many; there were some othe people who also happened to be hunting them at the same time, so there weren't many around.
However, I remembered that if you go from Beach Dun, past the NPC where you turn in the sharp leaves, there are dryads who also drop them.  So I took signum there and...found that I couldn't even hit them. xD  Not enough dex...I stood there for a while, hitting them once every 5 swings or something, until a harpy came by and totally owned me.

After that I decided it'd probably be better to just take Miyuki-san (my ninja) and throw kunai at them.  I was also able to take out the harpy (it helps that the ninja has the shed cicada skin skill that makes you avoid damage and jump backwards when you're hit), so that was cool.  I soon found out that the dryads are immune to wind, so my wind huuma shuriken was totally ineffective against them, whereas the monkeys in the area were immune to fire, so my fire kunai didn't work against -them-.  So I used the fire kunai against the dryads and threw my huuma shuriken at the monkeys ^^;

We stumbled upon a Spring flower, so we took off our weapons and started whacking it xD.  After a long while (would have been much shorter with my knight or monk T_T) we got our magic paint.  Yay!  Michelle says I might as well just hang onto it and finish the event quest instead of trying to sell it...but iono; you need -25- of them, as well as 50x chocolate (which you get from easter eggs/bunnies).  So I'm not entirely sure if that's doable.  maybe.
Anyhoo, we had a bunch of sharp leaves at this point, so I handed 50 of em to Vina and she leveled to about 79 (I was also around that level at the time).  Hooray!

After that I decided I'd continue my hunt to tame a Lunatic.  Luckily I hadn't changed my save point for Miyuki-san, so I used @die and respawned in the initial novice spawn area and proceeded to massacre a whole crapload of lunatics (and some porings).

I figured, though, that before I caught a lunatic, I should make sure I can buy food for it.  I needed to do the juice quest, which requires a piece of meat.  I looked and didn't see one in my inventory, but I knew that the monkey guys (where we just were) dropped it, so I decided to head there.  Along the way I saw this guy in beach dun who was using Throw Stone to herd a bunch of golems o_o.

Anyhow, it turns out I already had a bunch of meat anyways; I had looked under the wrong item tab since I forgot meat is a consumable item x_x.  Oh well.  Anyhow, off I went, activated the juice maker, and went to payon and had him give me like 50 bottles of carrot juice (i had like 50 empty bottles and 200 carrots xD).

In the meantime Vina gathered a few more rainbow carrots for me.  And finally--success!  I caught one poring and two lunatic eggs =)  I handed one of the lunatic eggs to Vina (who also wanted one as a pet) and kept the poring egg.  In the meantime, I prepared to hatch my own lunatic...

Here's us wearing lunatic hats to celebrate ^^;

And here's my lunatic!  Isn't it cuuteee???

You get one name-change for your pet after you hatch it.  Since I couldn't think of anything, I went with...

So now I have my very own cute pet.  Hooray! ^_^;

Iono if I'll ever get the cute silk ribbon to put on it though; it only drops from Eclipse, and...well, the eclipse bunny is a LOT rarer than the regular lunatics. T_T

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