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Alright, a long-awaited post to catch up on everything.

We've started on a new server as of maybe half a week ago.  It's entitled LuminaRO, and can be found here:

Seeing as how I...usually have an ungodly amount of time on my hands, I decided that I'd probably want to create multiple characters.  But in that case, I needed some kind of naming convention that would work out.  Last time I just went with DDRKirby(ISQ) since I only had my Priest, but that obviously won't work here.  When I first played RO I remember having goddess names of some sort, so my Swordsman was Morta (the roman goddess of death), for example.

Anyways, here's what I came up with:
Reinforce san - Priest
Vita chan - Monk
Teana san - Gunslinger
Miyuki san - Ninja
Signum - Knight
Caro chan - Wizard
Reinforce zwei - Soul linker
Subaru san - Taekwon
Fate sama - Wizard

It's an -awesome- naming convention. (Nanoha chars, if you couldn't tell)

Here's screencaps of how all of them look at the current moment.

Reinforce, lvl 92 support Priest.  I really, really hate the priest outfit, so I'm hoping I can rebirth soon.

Vita chan, lvl 74 Monk.  Some sort of combo monk just for pvm fun.

Teana san, lvl 74 gunslinger.  I have no idea what to do with gunslinger builds; I'm going revolver now, maybe gatling???

Miyuki san, lvl 14 ninja.  Miyuki is from Triangle Heart.  She's probably gonna throw stuff...or something.

Signum, lvl 68 Knight.  2-hand sword.

Caro chan, lvl 12 Magician.

Reinforce zwei, lvl 12 Taekwon.  Going to become a soul linker (it fits so well!)

Subaru san, lvl 14 Taekwon.  For taekwon master.

And of course, Fate sama, lvl 79 Wizard.  She likes using Lord of Vermillion (see below). =P

As you can see, I've "only" actually played 5 of the chars...not sure if that number will stay constant as time goes on.

Leveling hasn't been bad at definitely helps that LuminaRO is having special 75/75/25 rates (as opposed to the normal 50/50/25) to celebrate breaking 500 members online at once.

The people are easier to interact with than on osRO...or maybe that's just my imagination.  I did run into a knight (i think) when I was out in Moscovia Dungeon farming Sharp Leaves with Vita chan (monk).  Sharp leaves are really good because the Les monster that drops it isn't particularly difficult, and you can turn in 50 of them to a quest NPC and get from lvl 60 to 70 in a snap.  Anyways I ran into this guy and we partied for a little bit (we both had to run off after a bit though).  He even friended me!

Patacroute : Akyko

Patacroute : I'm
Patacroute : : P
Vita chan : ?
You have become friends with (Patacroute).
Patacroute : That's the name of my sniper
Vita chan : oh
Patacroute : See you Woe : P

...Though, the friend list/party system is extremely awkward for me because I have 9 different characters, and it's managed independently for all of them.  @autoloot and @showexp login settings are independent as some point I need to enable them for all 9 of my chars.  And don't even get me started on trying to handle inventory.  Gah.

Ok, more pictures of random stuff happening, and associated stories.

--Friday, 4/9/10--

This one was funny.  So Natalie tells me through IM that she's on (iirc) and so we try to meet each other ingame so we can friend each other/go do stuff.  I don't know what her character looks like, but I remember her mentioning jokingly (after hearing about my other 8 character names) that she should make a char called Fate...
Well, I was in Gaia (the new special main town of LuminaRO) and I run into this character who...well, looks like fate.  And sure enough, her name's "Fate T Harlaown"!  So I run up and friend request her.
...of course, I was competely mistaken and this just turned out to be some random person who also happens to like Fate xD.  (Natalie later pointed out that I should have remembered that she plays male characters...)
I wanted to friend request them with all 9 of my Nanoha-themed characters (they would probably get a good kick out of that), but after some quick testing, I determined that only the latest friend request stays; so you can't spam someone with multiple requests.  oh well.  Also yes, at the time of this screenshot I had 128 green herbs xD.

--Saturday, 4/10/10--

After -that-, I took Reinforce-san over to Ant Hell to help Natalie level Kannya, her magician.  Worked relatively well since most of the monsters didn't detect cast.

Some random high-level wizard walked by at one point.  I think I managed to catch him with a quick Blessing, haha.

After that, I switched over to Fate-sama and we headed to the clock tower.  Ah, yes, good ol' firewall shenanigans...

...okay, it didn't always work that well.  Particularly when Natalie would lag and then monsters would seemingly pass through firewalls and stuff.  Also the mimics would eat us alive, as would the flying Ridewords (BOOK!) if we weren't careful and quick to react.

Somehow I seem to pick up a lot of Pacifiers (pet armor, so you can't even equip it).  This screenshot shows me having 3, but I'm up to a grand total of =6= at the moment.  Similarly, Natalie seems to end up finding a bunch of Ribbons...but at least those are useful ^^;

More clock tower fun, and complaining about the lag.

At some point there was some server event going on, something like "monsters are invading Prontera!  Help us kill them!".  So I warped in to check it out.  The action was pretty crazy for the first 30 seconds as high level chars just warped in and owned everything...then things settled down a bit as people walked around looking for the remaining straggler monsters.  Somewhat fun~ ^^;

Around this time we got an email from Kotaro with his char names.  The only way to actually tell whether someone is online (if they're not in your flist/party) is to PM them, so I did, and it went through!  So we met up in Morroc and proceeded to do more friending/etc.  Also at this point some random dude named Fatal Knight came up to me and gave me one yellow gemstone.  o_o;;

We had some issues in the beginning...particularly since there was some monster right at the spawn area T_T.

Okay, we had some issues later on as well.  BOOOOKKK T_T

Eventually I got the hang of casting Jupitel Thunder while Taro used frost diver to freeze em (and therefore make them vulnerable to the lightning element).  I still think just plain firebolts would have been easier though.

After this Taro wanted to level his merchant, so I switched to Signum (swordie) who was only lvl 39 at the time.  Taro tried /organize awjeoifjw, but the party creation command is actually @party, not /organize.  So, shortly thereafter I typed @organize awjeoifjw. =PP

We leveled a bit in Payon dungeon; at least until we both ran out of novice potions.

I logged back in a bit later in the night, just to see if anything was going on.  I plopped myself down to the right of Morroc square, and left the game running while I did other stuff.  At some point I heard sounds and realized I was being attacked by an Easter Bunny xD.  So I whacked it for awhile, haha.  Didn't give me any notable drops though.

--Sunday, 4/11/10-- (actually Saturday night)

A while later I got an IM from Natalie and we decided to head into the coal mines to look for a Skeleton Worker card, since it looked like it was selling for a relatively high price on #vending.  It was pretty easy pickings for the most part (we died much less than we did in the clock tower), with the skeleton workers melting to one fire wall each.

Yes, at one point all three of us were simultaneously casting JT on the same enemy.  hahaha.
I managed to find one skeleton worker card, so I'll have to hand that off to Taro to sell eventually.

After all that Taro went back to finding some other card somewhere, and me and Natalie decided to try our luck in Thanatos tower.  I swapped out for Reinforce san so I could buff/heal.  And, I actually ended up tanking as well sometimes xD

Of course, we still ended up having a fair share of problems...including the time we ran into a book and an orb-monster-thing, and then in the process of backing up we ran straight into another book.  argh!  I did manage to get good job exp though.

After this we decided (somewhat foolishly) to head to Abbey so I could try and level my priest some more by healbombing stuff.  There was a high priest at the entrance, apparently waiting for a party or something, and we...ended up dying a lot to a mob that formed at the entrance, haha.  Somehow we joined up with some other people and proceeded to start going through as a party.  Unfortunately I was still only lvl 74 so they couldn't exp share yet (the limit is +/- 20 levels) so they tanked a few monsters while I healbombed them so I could jump to 79.

We got down to lvl 3 or so and somewhere along the way another party came through and we (somewhat foolishly) followed them for a little (or, I guess I did xD).  Interesting to see an actual party go through and own everything (as opposed to our somewhat ragged and disorganized group).

Me complaining about the priest outfit while we waited for the other members of the party.

We ended up getting really good exp the end I was level 92, so well on my way to transcending.  I felt a little bad because I didn't really know what I was doing party-wise at first, but I got the hang of things soon enough.  Our archer ended up running out of arrows and by this time it was something like 5:30AM so me and Natalie decided to call it quits xD.  They thanked us for our help though; which was nice.  And I got friend requested, yay.

All in all not a bad start to newfound adventures on this server.  Hooray!~

Look forward to some more posts; especially when I end up getting to rebirth Reinforce and she becomes an oh-so-pretty high aco =D  I'm actually not quite sure whether I'll stick with the white hair.  I know, I know, Reinforce is supposed to have white hair..but I really, REALLY liked the red hair on my high priest that I had last time.  We'll see...

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