Friday, April 9, 2010


Formal start post to come soon, but first, here's my second significant interaction with someone on the LuminaRO server. (the first was some aco who partied with me in payon dungeon but didn't really do anything.  I don't understand why they didn't just healbomb stuff T_T)

wolfs : hablas espaƱol
Teana san : no hablas =/
wolfs : jejej
Teana san : xD
wolfs : es k siempre hablan ingles
Teana san : o_o;
wolfs : y en k lv bas
Teana san : \/ hablas ingles, japanese, chinese, french
Teana san : no espanol
Teana san : xD
wolfs : wow
wolfs : tantos
Teana san : T_T
wolfs : japanese
wolfs : wow
wolfs : ejeje
Teana san : xD
wolfs : xd

Not all of the people on the server are like this, I swear! (hopefully) T_T

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  1. *sweatdrops* Sadly, that's been about the extent of my experience with 'em too.