Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hello, old friend!~

--Monday, 4/13/10--

What a wonderful surprise awaited me when I logged onto RO last night!  I got a PM from a character named Illyria, saying "guess who!".  I had a slight inkling that it was one of my drawmates or something, but I figured it was another char that Natalie had created.  Or perhaps Colleen or Michelle.  But lo and behold, it turned out to be a friend from high school!

She hadn't played RO in years, and I think when she had played it was on one of the official servers, so no custom Gaia town; no teleporter/job change NPCs, and of course extremely low exp rates xD.

She was planning on making her character into some kind of after telling her about the handy-dandy job-changer NPC (no more having to do the actual job-change quests...), she became a cute lil acolyte! <3

We headed to the left of prontera and whacked some porings/fabres/etc. to get her a few jlvls, but then I realized that instead of following her around with Reinforce-san I could just switch to one of my 4 unleveled characters and party with her ^^;.  I decided on Miyuki-san (ninja) since I still have NO IDEA how the taekwon classes actually work, and I already have a mage (fate-sama) so Caro-chan wouldn't be that exciting (not to mention a mage and a priest leveling together probably wouldn't be the best combo ^^;).  Of course, I didn't know that much about ninja builds -either-, so I had to look up some stuff (e.g. pump strength because it affects your throw damage).  She had to take a shower anyways, so that gave me some time to figure out what the heck to do with my stat/skill builds.

We headed to payon dungeon and I taught her some more of the basics while we levelled a bit more.  I got throw shuriken at first, and then throw kunai as soon as possible. was really good!  I think it always hits too, so I just pumped pure strength and didn't have to worry about dex/agi at all.  No cast time either--fun stuff!

Some random person in town.  Sooo cuuteee~

We then met up with Taro (and his Homunculus), who had logged on in the meantime, and went hunting Les monsters in Moscovia dungeon for more Sharp Leaves.  The ninja hunts them REALLY fast actually; you just have to throw two fire kunai (instant cast!) and they're dead!  Also, I have no idea why there's a random dead guy in the picture here.

After amassing enough exp and sharp leaves, I handed 50 to Vina and took another 50 from storage and we handed them off to the NPC.  We both hit jlvl 50 I think, yay!  So it was time for Illryia to become a priest! ugly outfit.

I switched over to Fate-sama and we decided to see if we could do any good in the Clock tower with the three of us as a party.

...again we had some problems at the entrance T_T.  We eventually managed to get past them, with the help of this guy named Noob3rt, who acted very friendly.  I pmed him about whether the quest after the sharp leaf quest was worth it (he said no, since you can't buy the requisite item anymore), and went and friended him with my main account (reinforce-san) later.

After hanging out in the second floor a bit we decided to go deeper, into the level with the alarms.  It wasn't too bad at all; it helped a lot that Vina had gotten Suffragim (I had totally forgotten about that spell, btw), so she was able to reduce my cast time by quite a bit!  We walked around awhile and chatted about some random things while I nuked stuff ^^;

Eventually we got owned by some books or something or other.  By this time Vina had to leave anyhow (it was about 2:30AM).

And me and Taro...decided to just lie there for awhile.

"see me, i look dead.  but look like you're just taking a nap.  leaf on head and all."

And at some point an Alarm decided to STEP ON ME.

Back in town, Taro showed me some of the headgear he picked up randomly while killing stuff, and I handed him a set of dragon equip that Enki had given to me.

Taro making some potions.

The last thing I did for the night was to respec my Priest.  I got rid of ME (I hadn't been able to actually use it anywhere anyways; the cast time is way too unwieldy) and respecced to full support, with suffragim, gloria, etc etc etc.

--Tuesday, 4/13/10--

Natalie PMed me and said she had this dungeon she wanted to try, so I took Reinforce-san and we headed to Rachel Dun.  She said some/one of the monsters there were weak to holy element, but...uhm, I tried healbombing all of them and it didn't work on any xD.  Later I grabbed the aco and priest quest skills (holy light/redemptio) and tried using holy light, but it wasn't really that great.  Hm, I wonder if ME might have worked.  Ah, but there still wouldn't really be too much point anyways; it's faster and safer to do what we did, which was have Natalie nuke the crap out of things with firebolt/SG and have me support with suffragim and lex aeterna.

The experience was slow, but that's how it is when you're at such high levels ^^;  We both managed to get a 
level each, so that was good.  We might look into doing Abbey or Endless for better exp...

Gas mask xD

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