Monday, April 12, 2010

Guild get!

--Sunday, 4/11/10--

Logged in and Taro was on with his alchemist, whacking elder willows.  He didn't tell me where he was, but I teleported around Payon field until I found him. =P  He wanted to try Endless tower with me but apparently you need a party of at least =10= people to do it.

A few hours later, Natalie emails me and tells us that someone by the name of "Enki" invited her into a guild, looking at MvP and then WoE/PvP later.  We met up with him and he gave us 400k zeny each, as well as dragon armor.  He gave me a Divine cross too!  After some tips on what to do as far as leveling goes, we left.  Natalie went off to get the Energy Coat quest skill while I was doing something else or other (IMing or reading or something).  Then she made a Hunter (as per Enki's suggestion) and we went off to Payon to have her level for awhile.

We found 2 Spring Flowers, and commenced whacking...haha.  Apparently the magic paint sells for a pretty good price, so more money for us (hooray!).

Speaking of money, apparently Taro got the skeleton worker card to sell for 3 mil.  I guess we're filthy rich now xD


  1. Man, the more and more I read of this blog, the more I want to play... I might have to reconsider...

  2. @Chelle - Doooo eeettt. We have cookies.
    ...Okay, only Toy Factory cookies, but you know what I mean.

    @Timmie - Filthy rich in the relative sense. Most of the really good trance equips are ~10 mil. I've seen someone trying to sell something for like 150 mil. XD;

    By the way, do you want the Endless Tower pics I took? There're only a few (one's just of Bardiche XDD), but...

  3. Edit: Oo, they just started a battleground. I want to try that sometime.

    ...Guess it's PvP, though, which means we'll need trance/better equips first.

  4. @Natalie - if you want you should just post/blog the pics yourself ^^;

    Well, I guess if you're extra lazy you can just send them to me and i'll post them. Either way xD

  5. I was going to be lazy and just send them to you, but then I as I was mentally explaining what each of them was, I realized it'd just be faster to post it myself.

    I'll get around to it after lunch, I guess...