Saturday, February 27, 2010

Quick Suggestions for the following classes:

Okay, so I didn't realize how long that last post was. Whoops. Anyway, hopefully this one isn't too tl;dr for you all.

QUICK TIPS: For leveling on other classes

* Acolyte classes! You guys are truly blessed in terms of leveling early on. Once you get Heal on your skills set, you can "Heal Bomb" just about everything in Payon Dungeon. So, type in "/ns" for no shift targeting (otherwise you have to hold the shift button in order to target players and some monsters when you want to "heal"). Get your level 10 Heal out and spam that sucker on those undead monsters!

Once it gets slow in Payon Dungeon head over to Amatsu Dungeon (@warp ama_dun01) and Heal Bomb those Antique Firelocks for a while. When it starts to feel like a grind head over to "@warp in_sphinx4" and "@warp in_sphinx5" and look for Anubis (he's huge you can't miss him.) Heal Bomb him for a while, switching between the two maps because there are only 15 and 10 of each for both maps.

Eventually, it may get too slow there too, so you can access the guild dungeon with "@warp gld_dun04 " and start heal bombing in there too. At this point, you want to work on getting ME (Magnus Exorcismus) and spamming that inside the guild dungeon. It's pretty much your best friend in later levels.

I'd also recommend you build your stats around dex (till about 150 dex), int (go all the way to 255!), and some agi (70 is decent...) to avoid dying in mobs. Vit is also a good idea to put in since you don't want to get stunned a crap load, but I find you can live without it for early leveling purposes.

* Mages play almost the same way, but instead of Heal Bombing you have a whole other arsenal of attacks on your side. You can pretty much follow my leveling process through thieves on the previous post. Just remember to pump into about 150 dex (or until instant cast) and everything into int. Put some vit and agi in so you don't die due to getting stunned or what have you, but don't make those your main focus I'd say 70 is a good start, and after that focus on getting your dex at instant cast and your int maxed. Lucky for you, you get all those fancy AoE spells. So, you can mob like no tomorrow in HD3 and Magma dungeon 2.

Will update with more classes if necessary. Feel free to comment below if you want more details, etc.


  1. There's still instant cast? I read it was removed in RO Renewal.

    There's stat respeccing on this server, right? What about skill respeccing?

  2. There's skill respeccing too. And I haven't had an issue with my instant cast. O__o; Granted, I have noticed there is a new delay after each spell. So, you can't spam the attacks as much, but I definitely have instant cast.