Saturday, February 27, 2010

And off we go...

Ah, RO...while I can't say I have nearly as many memories with it as I have with other games (D2, IWBTG, Super Metroid), there was an ever-so-slight sense of nostalgia as I finally managed to get the client and patch working and I fired up the character selection screen.

Okay, rather than make this a long and drawn-out post (which I am totally capable of), I'm just going to make this relatively quick, since it's 5:00 AM anyways (wtf!?).

The first time I played RO, I had four characters--one hunter, one knight, one wizard, and a monk.

Anyways, my new char is a priest, with the same hair style as Morta, my old knight.  I'm not naming her anything fancy--just going by DDRKirby(ISQ).  Hair is one of the defining characteristics of an RO character I think, but for me (with my trichophilic tendencies) it's even MORE of a big deal.  The first time, when I was making my three first characters in RO, I had this sheet of scratch paper where I was just brainstorming which hairstyles looked good, not to mention hair colors...aggh, it was really hard.

I think acolytes look really cute, but unfortunately I'm stuck with the less-appealing priest outfit.  Oh well.

Anyhoo, first things first--generated my character, went out and whacked on the first thing I saw.  This is my first time on a high-rate server so it was a bit weird to be at lvl 30 after killing one enemy T_T.

Then it was off to the church to become an acolyte...see, see how cute I look? ^^  With my arms crossed so sweetly in front of me~

One of the main draws of RO for me is actually that I get to look cute~.  Which you might think is ridiculous, but if you know me well enough, you'd probably understand.

After going around in some random areas in whacking some more stuff until job level 50, it was time for priest change.  I look less cute now =(...but, at least I still get to cross my arms in front of me ^^;

I went with some random guide from GameFAQs for my skill build, which probably means it's suboptimal.  I guess I probably should have waited for someone (*looks at Kotaro/Michelle*) to just give me a build, but oh well--I just wanted to feel like I accomplished something anyways.  I can always respec later, if need be.  Anyways, look at all the fancy buffs I can apply now...whee...

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