Sunday, March 27, 2011

--Thursday, 3/24/11--

Newton came over to my place, so after doing a lot of other stuff we got around to getting LRO setup on his computer and we started off.  He decided to make a swordie while I decided I'd go and start playing Yuuki Nona, my wizard.  After getting our initial job change squared away, we headed off to Payon dungeon for our initial leveling...Also, notice that since I wasn't the party leader anymore I had to make a new party.  I called it "LuminousDusk" xD.

And then once that was finished I had fire bolt and fire wall, so it was off to clock tower!  Newton joined me, though he could only really get the small slow puffy enemies.

Some random people fooling around in Gaia xD.

And then it was time to rebirth and go whack some porings again, both as a high novice...

...and as a high mage.

Aaaaand then bath to clocks again.  This time I went even earlier, so it was even harder for me at the beginning, but it still managed to work out with enough care.

And then I had a high wizard!  hooray~

After that Newton wanted to look for a good sword so I went to somewhere in GH (i think?) and ME bombed Wanderers seeing if they would drop it, luck.

I did run into Natalie though!  Unfortunately me and Newton had to do glowsticking and OHC and some other things, so we didn't stay long after that.


aaaand now, Spring break is over.  Somehow, contrary to what I told myself, I actually -don't- have enough time to do midrate during the quarter, it seems.  It's rather disturbing that I seem to not have as much time for these things anymore, but I can at least just keep trying my best to hold onto them.  I'm still up for highrate anyways, though something tells me that I can't really do it on a nightly basis or anything like that, because i'll have other activities and will be hanging out at okada and such.

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  1. We should figure out times to get together on HR...It's not as fun without others there, and anyway I want to do an Endless run sometime. Help me bug Taro!

    - N