Monday, March 14, 2011

And so it begins...again...

--Monday, 3/13/11--

I forget what my convention was before, but I'm going to do these according to technical date, not logical date (i.e. this was sunday night/monday morning).

Alright, so a few emails go back and forth and I learn that Natalie's on and playing, and so of course I drop whatever it is that I was doing and hop on to go join.

"and so begins a night where we're not gonna get any sleep, huh"
Is what I said.  I ended up going to bed not =terribly= late...maybe around 6:00AM or something, I just started getting tired and called it a night.  Taking into account that we just had DST, that's not actually too unreasonable, especially for me, and especially considering it's finals week meaning there's no class and I have no work to do anyways.

Anyhow, we met up, and after some fussing about about controls and the like, we went and whacked on things to get us to first job class.  Of course, I made liberal use of the @die command to get myself back to the LRO entry point training grounds where there's a whole bunch of porings and lunatics and fabres to beat on.

And here I am as a Mage, yay!
Only, at this point Natalie argues that we should just play on High Rate instead of Midrate since people are most likely only going to play over Spring Break anyways (sigh...silly college students...9_9).  So I (somewhat reluctantly) agree, and remake Akihime Sumomo on the highrate server.

Again, liberal use of @die...

...except this time for some reason we both spawned with 2 HP, meaning one hit from a poring and we were out.  Oops.  Well, all we needed was one kill really, so I just kept on running in, whacking, and respawning.  Somewhat reminiscent of D2, actually...

Anyhow, after -that- mess, we were ready to get some real experience, so we went south of Yuno to find some Geographers.  Took a bit of searching but I found some and proceeded to bolt, bolt, bolt the heck out of them for some nice juicy exp.

And soon enough, here's me as a Sage!  My first ever Sage in RO...

And then after killing some things in the clock tower, I was level 99 and ready to rebirth!

Some whacking and more clock tower-ing later, I'm a Professor/Scholar!  The outfit isn't half bad, to be honest...

...and apparently Natalie forgot to keep a dagger for when she rebirthed.  Oops.

Someone's pet is scary...

Anyways, I'm doing a battle sage build.  Professor is actually pretty fun!  Doublecast+memorize makes me feel really leet, being able to cast a double lvl 10 firebolt quickly.  I also keep forgetting I can move while casting, haha.  Only thing now is that I need a phen clip so that I'll be able to attack while casting and still have the cast go off safely.  Then I'll throw in autocast into the mix and then things should get -really- interesting, I think...

Here's me with my shiny lvl 99 aura, and Natalie trying on some clothing colors.

I couldn't really decide on a clothing style yet, but this one will do for now.

For reference, I'm supposed to be this character:

But for now I think I'll just stick with the red/green color combo, as I like the coloring.  I couldn't find anything involving white/gold/red that I liked better.

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