Friday, March 18, 2011

I'm terribly backlogged on blogging.  My memory's probably going to be foggy throughout most of this but I still have the screenshots to go off of, at least.

--Monday, 3/14/11--

Say hello to Shia! (from Pita-Ten)  Isn't she cute as an aco?~

Here's another instance of "spawn with 2 HP so even the poring is hard to kill".  Only this time I was a high aco so all my stats except for int were one, augh.  Some other aco named Mai Liny was also having the same issue so we just repeatedly spawned and whacked this one aco until we killed it. xD  Keep in mind we can't even use a knife!

And here's me as high priest, yay!

Later that night I ended up playing with Natalie...

We decided to go hunt for a Phen card, since I reasoned it would be useful for Sumomo, my battle sage.  As a side note, now that I've finished watching Nanatsuiro Drops, I'm utterly and completely in love with Sumomo and the series (and Nako and Nona as well xD).  JT + Lex = instant kill here. =D  Course, it actually turned out that I didn't need the phen card after all...but whatever xD

After that we decided to go see if we could do Magma dungeon with me using suffragium on Natalie.

Later I switched to Sumomo and we discovered the awesome, awesome, awesome power that is Water ball.  It is awesome.

Natalie giving me random items because I have like no equips at this point (look at my pretty cotton shirts).

And here's Natalie narrowly escaping death with 88 HP left xD

I can't really tell what this is...I think I tried going to some random dungeon and...probably ended up getting my butt kicked, haha.

--Tuesday, 3/15/11--

I try to log in and just hang around sometimes, even if I'm busy doing other stuff--just so people (and by people I mean Natalie) can know that I'm around.

--Wednesday, 3/16/11--

I can't really keep track of Natalie's characters anymore xD

She gave me this cute ribbon though, and...well, look at this image of Sumomo:
Yeah, it's perfect T_T

Me lamenting how I often hop on but am busy with other miscellaneous random things, like cleaning my room or chatting with someone or processing music or something or other.

Anyhoo, I wanted another Andre card to slot in my bible for another +20ATK (my attack is rather feeble at this point; i'm mainly just doing damage through my doublecasted bolts), so we went to and hell and...well it didn't take me that long at all to find one, yay.

And here's us getting screwed over at the entrance to Magma.  oof!

A bunch of leveling later, we got smart and decided to use my water endow to enchant our weapons.  It made a huge difference!

And a bunch of hours later I decide to do the platinum skill quest and get Energy Coat before heading to bed to catch a few hours of sleep before my final.  Yay...;)

--Thursday, 3/17/11--

Logged on and just decided to do some random stuff.  Tried out Lighthalzen Bio lab (floor 1 only of course) and surprisingly enough I can actually kill stuff in there, as long as I don't get mobbed.

Thor Volcano, on the other hand, just eats me alive xP

I did okay in glast heim church with my HP Shia though!  I forgot to mention that Natalie gave me this Orleans armor and orleans server--one which increases cast time but provides uninterruptible, and the other which reduces cast time.  So those are realllllly helpful (and hence why i don't need that phen).  My battle sage was using them but I handed them off to Shia so that she could use ME in glast heim.  Wasn't too bad!

Later that night I log on again to find Natalie in Morroc, who had apparently been looking at golden hair ornaments.  "Kind of appropriate for you to show up", she says ^^;

She gave me this cute flower band too!  I tried it on with Shia, inspired by this picture:
But I think I ended up liking the usual ribbon better ^^;

Me and Natalie's knight spent some time leveling in Abbey (lvl 1).  Our outfits do kind of complement each other nicely I guess~

Mainly I just sat back and ME'd once in a while, while healing and buffing.  Too bad ME doesn't stack xP

And just for kicks I brought Sumomo in once. xD  That didn't really end too well...but oh well.

We ran into another priest randomly.  Apparenly we were "little too high" level to party up, but he was doing just fine soloing--he had instacast ME, and was doing more damage than me too T_T T_T

Yay for ME spam xD

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  1. Ahahaha. Water Ball was all kinds of epic. 'I can't see the damage. D'you think it overflowed? @_@'

    Has more random equips. Do you have a Staff of Recovery? Remind me to give one to you.

    Clovis the Evil Clown of Doom is an evil clown of doom. End of. >_>

    After reading this post I decided to go try Lighthalzen. Had never been there before. My LK did just fine unless he got mobbed by 10+ (I thought I could skip the mob and head straight for the exit, but pulled a good quarter of the map's monsters after me, whoops), but my hwiz had trouble with the archers.

    SG moar. And JT everything immune to water...which worked on the second floor, but the third was instadeath for both my highest level chars. Blasted archer with ridiculous flee and hit. Probably need to go back with a balanced party.

    Lol, golden hair ornaments. Go to, click Close, then Mix, then the 7th one from the right in the top row, and tell me if you want it. It's from the quests here:

    Hm, those two do look pretty nice together. Hey, pick a char. We should marry two of ours to see how the system works. I think there's a stat bonus and way to teleport your partner to where you are...
    You can't tell me you don't want to try a wedding dress. And I have a couple veils from orc ladies, lol. If I'd spent any longer beating up on them I'd probably have a dress too. Oh well.

    About the priest guy in the dungeon - he was saying that /he/ was too high level for /us/. He had a good 100 levels on us. No wonder he had insta-ME, ya?

    Long comment is looooooong.