Friday, March 5, 2010


Well, today was our final presentation, and thus there is little need for us to stay on this server anymore.  We may find another one (a mid-rate one) to play on together, but regardless, this is a bit of a farewell.  I'll miss you, my darling little high priest--you made me feel so cute, pretty, and helpful!  Though, I guess the good thing about a lower-rate server is that I'll get to actually be a cute lil Acolyte for a little bit longer.  It's just the priest outfit that I really am not quite that fond of.  Oh well.

Overall, I think I got more out of this than I expected to.  For one, I actually worked on the presentation and website more than I thought I would, given how much time I've put into the class for some other things.  But more importantly, I feel like I've expressed my inner "girl side" to three people who may not have ever had the chance to see it otherwise (well...okay, maybe not, as my girl side is pretty prevalent in RL too anyways).  And this blog in itself was already something rewarding for me--anything which gets me writing in a manner like this is probably something that is worthwhile.

I'd have to say that this is my first "real" MMORPG experience, and it was definitely a good one.  Though, I must say that the high-rate kind of ruined things for me, as we didn't really have to work that hard for anything.  And, not having to do any job quests or hunt for items, was also something that I really missed, since those actually gave you things that you had to DO (as opposed to just walking around and whacking random things).  I still maintain that the PvM in RO is really quite a bore when compared with D2, but being able to be a healer in a party made up for it in some way.  Plus I got to be cute ^^

Well then, it's time to say goodbye to Rune Midgard--for awhile, at least.  I'll keep this blog around, and link to it on my website (I try to have my website link to everything I've done on the intarwebs), but this is it for new posts.  If we do start up on another server, I'll probably start a separate blog for that...


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